Ruby Congdon

Loan Officer
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Who is Ruby Congdon and why Cason Home Loans?

I have been a loan officer for over 27 years. Helping people achieve their dream of home ownership is very rewarding. I am good at what I do because I love what I do. I strive to make the process of buying a home as smooth and as simple as possible. With the increasing number and ever changing landscape of loan products available, you need a full time professional that understands your options. I have built my business around forging strong personal relationships with my clients which allows me to find the solutions that work best for them. Also, by working with me you can be confident in knowing that years of experience will help you to make and informed decision.

Having worked primarily in the Genesee county area for as long as I have means I know this area and am well acquainted with many of the professionals surrounding your real estate purchase . This means the loan process is smoother since in many cases communication between my self and the others involved in the transaction is frequent and familiar. I can also originate mortgage loans anywhere in the state of Michigan.

With all of the mortgage companies that seem to appear and disappear you may wonder why I choose to work for Cason Home Loans. First, Cason Home Loans has been in business for over 12 years and is managed by extremely experienced loan professionals that understand my job intimately and always go the extra mile to help me serve you. Second, Cason Home Loans is a mortgage BANKER not a mortgage BROKER. This means that Cason Home Loans is an actual lender with its own products and its own staff of in-house underwriters. All this together means that while Cason allows me to offer everything everyone else does, I also get exceptional support, specialized products and very competitive rates. On top of this better communication with in-house underwriters means I can paint a more accurate and complete financial picture by which to underwrite your loan. This gives me an edge over the competition by allowing me to offer you the most options at the lowest cost. In short I work for Cason because they make sure that I have the best to offer you and this brings my clients back again and again.