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How to Beat Cabin Fever This Winter

February 25th


 We’re in the home stretch of winter.

Only a few more weeks until dark, short days are replaced by the reawakening of spring. If you’re feeling the effects of cabin fever, don’t despair. Try the following tips to beat the cabin fever blues until spring arrives.

  1.  Stay active. Exercising daily will keep you in shape and send mood-boosting endorphins to your brain on a regular basis, which help to combat winter restlessness. Plus, some fresh air will do you good, so bundle up, put on your reflective gear, and hit the pavement for a walk or run. If it’s far too cold to exercise outside, join a gym, or turn your living room into a workout center with free workout videos on YouTube.
  2. Be social. It may be cold, but don’t board yourself up in your home like a hermit. A good meal with friends, family, and lots of belly laughs might be just what the doctor ordered to overcome the winter blues. If you can’t make plans to meet up, go to a place where people are present, like a shopping mall, to ensure you don’t stay isolated.
  3. Brighten up. Combat the darkness outside by bringing light, cheery elements into your home. Swap out dark, heavy drapes for window sheers, and trade dull hues for bright pops of color, such as reds, greens, or even bright purple. If you’re craving extra amounts of sunshine, purchase a light therapy lamp, which helps you fight the gloominess by mimicking the sun’s natural light. Check out more fun ways to liven up your décor .
  4. Start a new hobby. Being bored and shut indoors gives you the perfect excuse to take up that new hobby you’ve been dreaming about. Whether it’s learning a new instrument, painting, starting a blog, or making an effort to read more, now is the time to give it a go!
  5. Set goals. Speaking of new hobbies, what other goals are you hoping to accomplish this year? Pay down credit card debt? Eat healthier? Take some time to brainstorm goals, write them down, and come up with a plan to help you achieve them.

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