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Your Home Equity Could Be Paying Your Bills

May 6th

Is your home one of the more than 14.5 million properties in the U.S. that is “equity rich” — where more than 50% of the property’s market value is paid off?

If your home is located in one of the green areas above, you could be sitting on a pile of money that could be used for other things: investing, remodeling, paying off bills, even a vacation! Tap into those funds with a cash-out mortgage refinance.

For most people, the current mortgage interest rate is much lower than the rate they pay on car loans, credit cards, student debt, and other high-interest bills. Why not pay off some of those costs using the equity you’ve built in your home?

If you’re ready to make your money work for you, give us a call at (866) 667-0900 or reach out with RapidApp to discuss your cash-out refinance options!


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