Hi! I'm Kimberly Berry and I'm a Senior Loan Officer in Eastern Michigan. I'm here to provide expert mortgage advice and bring you home faster.

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My name is Kimberly Berry and I’ve been helping people achieve their homeownership goals for nearly 20 years. I pride myself on being thorough during the pre-qualification process to ensure a smooth transaction, and honest throughout the entire process.

I love working with First-time Homebuyers with little to no money down. I will be sure that you understand the financing process and your loan program. I’m not afraid of tough deals, even if you have bruised credit and aren’t quite ready to buy now, I will take the time to work with you to get you ready! I’m here to provide expert mortgage advice and bring you home faster.

With the increasing number and ever changing landscape of loan products available, you need a full time professional that understands your options. I have built my business around forging strong personal relationships with my clients which allows me to find the solutions that work best for them


How committed is Kim to customer service? You can call her DIRECTLY on her cell phone at 810-358-6081 (even on the weekends).

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If there is a mortgage product that you need, Cason Home Loans has it!
I need a loan above $453,100.
I'm looking for a short term loan.
I want the lowest interest rate available.
I don't want to worry about my interest rate going up.
I want to live in a rural area.
I am a military veteran or actively serving.
I don't have a lot of money for a down payment.

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Our licensed loan officers are highly informed so you can have the confidence that you are getting the best mortgage advice for your needs.

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Clear Answers to Common Questions

From start to finish, our team will go above and beyond to ensure all your questions are answered.
What are the common fees through the mortgage process?
What is the difference between a Mortgage Broker & Mortgage Banker?
What is a Rate Lock or Lock In?
What is a Loan To Value Ratio (LTV)?
What are Discount Points (or Points)?
What is the difference between Interest Rate & APR?
What are the steps in the Mortgage Process?
What is a Truth-in-Lending Disclosure and why do I receive it?
What is Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)?
How does an escrow account work?

With all of the mortgage companies that seem to appear and disappear you may wonder why I choose to work for Cason Home Loans.

First, Cason Home Loans has been in business for over 12 years and is managed by extremely experienced loan professionals that understand my job intimately and always go the extra mile to help me serve you.
Second, Cason Home Loans is a mortgage BANKER not a mortgage BROKER. This means that Cason Home Loans is an actual lender with its own products and its own staff of in-house underwriters.

These important distinctions mean that Cason empowers me to offer the best programs and tools in the industry, in addition to exceptional support, specialized products and very competitive rates that are unique to Cason Home Loans.

In short, "I work for Cason because they make sure that I have the best products and service to offer you - and this brings my clients back again and again!"

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