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Get Your Home Ready for Summer

As the weather heats up, our thoughts turn to fun in the sun, backyard barbecues, and peaceful nights on the patio. Make sure your home is ready for the summer weather by completing these seven summer maintenance task.


Give the AC unit a tune-up.

Just as you would for your furnace in the winter, you’ll want to have your air conditioning unit checked over by a professional before you really need it! Be sure to change your air filter as well.



Get ready for outdoor living.

Haul out your patio furniture from storage and clean and repair as necessary. Consider whether you need new cushions this year, and clean off your grill and your barbecue tools while you’re at it.




​Wash off the winter.

Dirt and mildew dull your home’s exterior and can also contribute to deterioration of your siding. Pressure washing it will make it look fresh and inviting under the summer sun. Just be sure to cover plants to protect them from the jet stream, and take care with windows.



Give your windows some TLC.

Washing the windows inside and out will let in the sunshine and brighten your home after a long, dark winter. Inspect your window screens and wash, repair, and replace as needed.



Switch over your fans.

Your ceiling fans should be reversed so that they spin counterclockwise, forcing air straight down. Give them a good cleaning, too.



There’s mulch to do.

Did you know too much sun is not good for your garden? Just like your skin, your summer garden needs protection from the sun. Spreading mulch around your plants helps to keep delicate roots cooler and retains water for hot, dry periods.



Check the deck.

Does it need resealing? Are there any nails sticking out or splintered spots that could hurt a person or pet?



Addressing the repairs and touch-ups and setting up your outdoor space before it’s too warm to do anything but lounge about drinking sun tea will help ensure your summer is an enjoyable one!


Your Guide to July

The dog days of summer have arrived, but we’re here to help you get through them with the following list of this month’s coolest happenings. See what’s in store for July!


July 4 — Independence Day 


Are you ready to celebrate America’s birthday? Here are some fun facts to get you pumped up for the holiday:

  • More than 16,000 official fireworks displays are held across the U.S. each year.

  • Macy’s fireworks show in NYC is the largest in the country.

  • 150 million hot dogs are consumed annually on the 4th.


July 15 — National Ice Cream Day 


Take a break from the summer heat by indulging in your favorite ice cream flavor, or get creative with one of these super-easy  homemade ice cream recipes!  (Bonus tip: July is actually National Ice Cream  Month , so if you’re a true ice cream lover, you have all month long to celebrate!)


July 17 — 89th MLB All-Star Game 


This year’s Midsummer Classic takes place at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., where the best in baseball will come together to showcase their talents. Play ball!


July 22 — Parents’ Day 


No matter how old you get, it’s always important to let your parents know you appreciate them. Make sure you’re the favorite this year by doing something extra special for Mom and Dad, and if you’re a parent yourself, take this opportunity to have some  you  time. You deserve it!


July 31 — National Mutt Day 


Did you know mixed-breed dogs make up about 80% of shelter dogs across the country? There’s just as much to love about mutts as there is about purebreds; in fact, mixed-breed dogs tend to be healthier and live longer than their purebred counterparts. So if you’re thinking of adding a furry friend to your family, consider adopting from your local shelter. Can’t adopt? National Mutt Day is a great time to donate or volunteer to help bring awareness to the millions of lovable mutts that need a forever home.

Your Guide to June

Happy June! Are you ready for some summer fun?

Make this June one for the books with the following ideas for a fun-filled month.



Fun fact: June is National Homeownership Month. Not convinced about the benefits of owning your own place? Check out this article  featuring real-life homeowners and their thoughts on how homeownership has improved their lives. 
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